Tips for a memorable logo or brand identity

People recognize you by certain traits you portray, being funny, quiet, loyal, loud, professional, you name it. Logos are no different. Your logo or brand will be the first impression to your target audience. Organic, strong, bold, feminine, industrial, techy, etc.

How to go about getting a logo?

Let's say you are starting a new business. Typically, the business owner will contact a designer via word-of-mouth or perhaps knows someone in the industry.

It goes something like this...

I own this new business and I need a logo for it. Can you make it? How much do you charge?

More often than not, that's how it goes. However, that would not be in your business' best interest. You don't want to order a logo similar to when you go to a fast food restaurant and order your meal. It takes way more than just placing an order.

This should be a thought out process. A journey that will end up in a logo/mark that truly represents the story of your business with a clean, simple and memorable mark.

Choose a designer that is a great listener, one that understands and empathizes with your business core values, and purpose. Not just a designer that takes your order and delivers in a few hours of work. This engagement between you and the designer should be based on trust. Not just because the designer makes pretty designs. Pretty designs not necessarily would be in line with your business needs.

Once you find a designer that you feel comfortable with, let him or she do its thing. He or she, after a discovery session, should be able to convert your story into visuals. Your input is valuable, but when it comes to the design decisions, let the designer's experience take charge.

Remember, all of this is to appeal to your target audience, not your taste or your sister-in-law's color preference.

Logos should always be made to work perfectly in black and white and in all touch point dimensions, being a poster, a menu, an online ad, website, print collateral, packaging, etc.

Color should be representative of your business name/offering, typically no more than 4 colors, and that's probably too many. Two maybe. It all depends.

If you have more questions on how to work with a designer to develop your business brand look or logo, give us a call at 813.416.7652.

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