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For the longest time, I've talked to myself about starting a blog to put down my experiences, thoughts, and insights about my life as a designer. Well, I'm not a writer, but as Seth Godin puts it, "Until you write 50,000 words of bad writing, you have no idea if you are a bad writer or not". So I'm writing my first words. Fingers crossed!I'm going to start by introducing myself, for those of you that have no idea who I am. Hi, My name is Javier Sola, I go by Javi, nice to meet you, thanks for reading this.

The beginning

Back in 1989, whoa! I'm dating myself, I started the pursuit of my degree in graphic design. I left my beloved home of Puerto Rico to embark in a new adventure. I chose Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, FL. The internet wasn't even available. The core graphic design principles and foundation acquired at Ringling created the backbone for my vast work experience. Today, everything that I know and work on digitally, I owe to Ringling's education, books and self-learning while at work.

While working at a local business newspaper in Tampa, circa 1995 when the internet was starting to be used and known by the public, I started designing websites for our paper advertisers. I vividly remember website buttons being "hot spots" within a JPG background image with areas mapped to click on. Do you remember that? Probably not.

Life went on and I did some remote freelance work for a couple of years with a previous boss that moved to another state. My experience grew with website design, HTML, CD-Rom UI, and some print.

In 2001, I started moonlighting/freelancing while working full-time and got exposed to more projects through word-of-mouth referrals from friends and family. Throughout the years I started falling in love with marks, logos, logotypes, monograms and branding in general. Creating all these sketches and seeing them evolve into beautiful logos, makes me happy, especially when my clients are also happy with their final outcome. This is something worth waking up in the morning.

Nowadays, I still have a side hustle and keep a full-time job as an in-house visual designer for a large corporation here in Tampa, FL with the goal of taking my business to the next level.


This is my first shot as a blog writer, telling you a little bit about myself and my career as a designer, not in detail, but an overview. My goal is to write at least one post a week on past and current experiences, tools, design, and other topics.

Thanks for reading!

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