Case Study

Jessica Leigh Photography is a photography business owned by Jessica Leigh Herndon in Wesley Chapel, FL. When Jessica reached out to me about doing a logo for her new business, she knew she wanted one that prominently showed her name. She was starting out her freelancing business in Tampa, FL, after being a photojournalist in Louisiana the previous 5 years and no one knew who she was.
Following her brief, I put together a mood board for her to see the direction we were going with for her new logo. Then, we iterated through a few concepts based on the idea of displaying her name with a symbol to be used as a stand-alone brand mark on the corner of her client's photographs. The symbol evolved into a simple letter "J" mirrored to the right forming a strong and clean brand mark that somewhat represents a focal point on the camera's viewport.
Keeping in mind this logo would be used as a brand mark, I selected bold angular lines and colors so it would be easily adaptable to any medium, being photos, print, embroidery or the web. A sans-serif font was the font of choice due to its rounded and clean lines against the sharp straight lines encasing it displaying great contrast balance.

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